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We at Mechon Mamre have nothing to sell, and our site is a free service for all.  Developing and maintaining this site does, however, cost us a great deal, and we do need the help of those who can afford to give it.  If you would like to support us, you may do so by check (in U.S. Dollars or New Israeli Sheqels) or by credit card using PayPal's secure payment service (in U.S. Dollars, whatever your local currency may be):

If you wish to donate in memory of Shelomo z"l, please click here.

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Checks should be made to the order of Mechon Mamre, and our mail address is:  Mechon Mamre, 12 Hayyim Vital St., Jerusalem, Israel 95470   Ordinary checks save both you and us time and money (special checks are penalized by Israeli bank fees!).  Please write your email address on your check, so that we can acknowledge its receipt by email.  We cannot accept money orders of any kind.

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